About Niki

I hail from the great state of Texas. Like any good Texan, I’m still a Texan, even though these days I live in Colorado Springs with my husband, Franz, and my two sons, Corbett & Dylan (1 German Shepard – Zeus & 2 snakes – Smokey and Inigo). When I’m not staring at bank statements and Quickbooks, I love traveling, horseback riding, playing with my kids and football. Gig ’em Aggies!

I take a Texas-style approach to my business: straightforward and no-nonsense, but also full of heart and fun. I have been told that I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career, that will make me a dream come true for a small business owner like you. I’m out to prove that accountants actually do have a sense of humor.

Only financial strategists can save the world – through peace, goodwill, and reconciliations.

Name: Niki Hankins

Secret Identity: CFO for Hire


Business Planning



  • Quickbooks Wizardry
  • Financial Strategy
  • High-level overviews


  • Degree in Business with an emphasis in accounting
  • 25+ years in the industry
  • BBB Accredited | A+ Rating
  • Over 30 Satisfied Clients



You can count on our work to make you
look like the respectable business
that you are.


We believe that the best business is
founded on honest and transparent
services and work.


Your business is unique just like you are.
We meet you where you need to be
today, tomorrow, and on.


We are no-nonsense when it comes to
communicating your numbers to help
grow your business.

Ready to stop stressing the numbers?

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